Set Up Your Page

Donate to your own page

  • You will raise 120% more than those who don’t!
  • It shows your commitment and forms a benchmark for your donors to follow

Set a challenging but attainable fundraising goal

  • Remember you can always edit your goal at any stage to a higher or lower amount!

Edit your fundraising story on iDonate

  • It will increase donations by 59%!
  • It tells your donors why you’re taking on this challenge and why you would value their support

Add a profile picture to raise up to 50% more!

  • It personalises the fundraising page and lets everyone know it is you

Keep Your Page Updated

Share updates with your supporters via your page

  • A bare fundraising page makes you look uninterested –
    share updates on your fundraising page to keep supporters informed of your progress

Link your Strava fitness tracker to your page

  • This will show your donors how you are working hard for your challenge!

Add photos to keep your page active

  • Those who already donated will enjoy seeing them and potential donors will gain an appreciation for your efforts

Top Tip

  • Use the social media integration tools on your fundraising page to share your fitness updates!

Communicate With Your Supporters

Thank your donors – it makes them feel valued!

  • Set up a thank you response for donors in your fundraiser dashboard – your donor then receives an email and has the chance to revisit your page

Ask for a donation!

  • Share your page on social media to reach as many people as possible
  • Shared pages will raise 52% more within 1 hour!

Send a personalised email or text to your network

  • Share your fundraising page with family and friends via text and email – just use the share button your page
  • Email/Text will reach fewer people that social media but you will get a higher donation value!

Top Tip

  • Thank a donor on social media and your mutual friends might feel compelled to donate!

Update Your Supporters Afterwards

Keep your page active after the challenge

  • Donors will want to check in after you’ve completed your challenge or fundraiser so make sure to update everyone on how it went!
  • Upload photos of the event or your challenge and do a post to thank everyone who donated.

Top Tip

  • Share your page after you complete the event with your result & you might get even more donations